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Day 1 for me!

I have tried to quit a million times but I have been having such back pain, hurting between my shoulder blades like sore muscles and have and gotten a massage and then this morning woke up and I am in such horrible pain like I lifted weights all weekend when actually I did "nothing" yesterday! Has anyone else had sore muscles in their back and think it was smoking related?

I am using the patch and hope I can fight of the temptions that always get me to start smoking again!

I went at lunch to visit my best friends mom in the hospital who has COPD and when I went in she was doing a breathing treatment and shock her finger at me to stop smoking so I went to Wal-Mart and got patches and stuck one on.

I need support super bad and encouragement!



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Hi Michelle

I've only been a member for a few days, I'm into my 5th quit day, but for me this forum has been my saviour. Stress can cause aches and pains in various part of the body, so to ease your mind about your back pain get it checked out. Once that is sorted it may make it a little easier to quit. It is not easy watching someone with COPD try to breathe. My mother has it and she had a flare-up a while ago, I was looking after her while she was sick, yet I could still go outside and light up a cigarette while she was inside breathless and ill. You will find the strength to do this. Read other members stories, they are a great inspiration, you have come to the right place for encouragement and support. Stay strong


Hi Michelle welcome i only quit a week ago ,not to sure about the pains but bet you will feel better if you stay of them i have tried a few times to but am really determined now as i coughed all the time and had a pain at the bottom of my right lung its away now the craving can be bad but i find i go and get a drink of water and before i realise its past keep with it i find this forum a great help to me lynn


Hi Michelle... Well done in making a poz descision in your life.

Have u been to the doctors yet about your back and muscle pain?


Thank you everyone for the welcome, I have not been to the doctor yet, if it is still hurting like this Thursday I'm going to call! Gonna keep this patch on and make this quit count!!!!!!


Hello michelle, nice one for deciding to quit. Which ever whay you look at it, its a great decision. Probably the best and most important one of your life.

I am on day 16 and doing really well. my trick has been to be honest with myself and not hide from the facts. Once your really get whats happening and are ready to face it, you can overcome this crap. Look forward to the cravings and when they come, beat them and be immensely proud of yourself.

i wish you well and good luck.


Hi Michelle,

Like you I had a very dull ache inbetween my shoulderblade and middle back on the left side. when I woke it felt like i had something very heavy in here. A that time i was undergoing Physiotherepy due to a car accident for my kneck and lower back. He said it was muscle as when i shower it goes away and returns later when i settle down ? not convinced i went to the doctors as thought its lung infection and it does not feel like my neck or lower back, he gave me antibiotics and and said may be more chance its muscular!!

anyways, 3 weeks went by and I really thought there was something growing in me, i stopped smoking as planned and within 3 weeks, it was gone!! completely gone... and the reason i think that pain went in the morning ( was not because heat was relaxing muscles ) i think it was the heat / steam was openeing my airways to help me breath bettter.

please do go to the doctors, just to be safe.

Derek xxx


Hey Michelle

Well done you on making the decision, the best one ever in decision making history. As Magic said be honest with yourself throughout - the tricks I play on myself to justify having a cigarette; all the way along the pain/pleasure continuum. The honest part is that for 35 years smoking has been my default setting and for me it's taking time to not smoke. But I'm nearly 4 weeks in and taking it a day/hour/minute at a time have been my saviour.

And in the final honest ****ysis, how much difference would having a fag make to any situation? - Diddlyshit!

All the best



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