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Day 9 Struggling

I have never had a good relationship with my Mother (the feeling is mutual) I am staying with her for a few days as she needs help with her garden.She irritates me and gets on my nerves and is a classic case of driving someone to drink or in my case smoke! Its been awful.The cravings keep returning and very strong.I havnt had a Nicquitin tab for 7days am not sure if its a good idea to have one and put Nicotine back in my system? Am at my lowest ebb am fighting a tooth infection and on pain killers too.I know the answer is to get away and go back home but I cant.Has anyone any suggestions please? HELP!!

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Hi soosan, perhaps you have come off of the NRT too soon? some people need to use it for months, other dont.

Think of ot this way, if you smoke will your mum still get on your nerves? The answer is most prorbably yes. The difference being is that you wont care bacause you have had your "fix". Sounds like the issues with your mum are not related to you smoking and wont be cured by you smoking either.

keep on keeping off.

good luck


Mothers and maiming go hand in hand at times but I believe there is some sort of draconian law against it so, not an option.

Smoke or NRT? Got to be the NRT if it's that bad. I stopped the NRT felt good then crap and started the NRT back - I'll deal with it when I feel better able to deal with the feelings that I'm beginning to see I covered up with smoking. You kno the one - feel angry 'I'm going out for a fag'. Therefor I don't have to deal with the situation.

This helps me:

Grant me the serenity to accept the thing I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can

And wisdom to know the difference.

It'll get better. Get through this really difficult time and you'll deal with anything.

All the best


THANK YOU MAGIC AND YORKSX ! X You were both so right and both of you made me smile.SPOT ON.Am having a breather after throwing a wobbly and storming off.Am in my room sucking on a Nicquitin mini tab and feeling better by the second.Thank you both again for your treasured support and advice. God bless xxx ps isnt this Nicotine addiction something else.Im sure I read somewhere that in America the tobacco companies have/are increasing the nicotine content by up to 3times more than present.The Bastards! I wont be a consumer in their evil money game.


You're Welcome and well done getting past the moment you were in. x


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