No Smoking Day
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bored now!!! lol

i'm I just being impatient or am I just getting bored with the fact that every now and again cravings come up and surprise me!! grrrr!!! still I am in my second week which is a bonus, oddly enough don't seem to have much of a desire to actually smoke as in the taste or smell of it but still seem to be missing it if that makes any sense!!!

why I ever started smoking in the first place is beyond me oh yes I remember now I was tried to look big and clever in the bike sheds in 1986!!

just going back into work after my lunch break this is where I would usually smoke about two on the trot... so instead I am typing on my phone in the car LOL!!! catch you all laters and best of luck everyone chins upxx

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finding something to do when your bored is hard before you would have smoked to fill that gap now you need to do something to distract your mind playing online games and posting on here are two ways to fight of the boredom :D

what about taking up anew hobby or starting up an old one?

well done btw on getting to week 2 :D

your smoking mind is trying different tactics to tempt you back you just have to stay strong and detemined to keep that power you have gained


Nice one and i are roughly at the same stage i think. Im on day 10.

I know what you mean, personally im loving all of this time i have on my hands now. I get so much more done and am so much more productive at work. I am taking up exercise starting tomorow as i think this will help consolidate things further.

Nice one chap and yes, chins up .


More on boredom

I'm thinking / hoping it's just a matter of time with the boredom thing and that it will pass as our brains return to 'normal'. I'm basing this on the observation that never smokers don't seem to suffer hours and hours of boredom each day (like we did and filled up with smoking.) Or do they? I don't think so. That's my hope anyway.


Oh i remember that im bored bit it got really annoying saying god im borede , im so bored have anothe sugar free polo or go for another walk. do a word puzzle. sit and wallow in self pity , its not fair ,i wish i could smoke and then i wouldnt be bored, but that would be boring what could be more boring than smoking i'd still be bored but a bored stinking cloud unsatisfied and bored so have another..... BORING .... its just a phase one day you'll wake up and it will all have been a boredom phase you will learn to be bored stiff of boredom cos it is so boring and you just wont have time for it you will have better things to do. smoking when bored is a way of avoiding being bored . just be bored enjoy it have a break from having to do.....



the inner thoughts of a bored mash..

... are above and quite disturbing (but very funny) ;)

Here's mine (bot as complex)... I'm so bored,.... I think I'll do something.. ! The end!


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