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This worked for me

I know this is going to sound really stupid (and Im not being funny) but refuse to buy fags or tobacco. I had tried throwing my tobacco away-only to find myself a couple of hours later rooting through the bin and or rolling up dog ends.Id taken about 3months trying to get in the right headspace,to get 'on top' of smoking,give up smoking etc but the 'right' time never arose.There was always something.Last week my car had to go in for work to be done so I purposely ran my tobacco down.After I had smoked the remaining dog ends there was none.I could of walked 2miles to the pub or got a taxi(as no buses)to go the 5miles to town but I REFUSED TO BUY IT. With the help of Niquitin mini tabs I got through 2days.My car was returned and my first thought was to go and buy some tobacco but I didnt as I had done 2days and didnt want to ruin my struggle.I am now on day 8.The pangs are getting fainter by the day and I have realised that they pass too quick now to even buy tobacco! I used this method last time but failed as I found myself cadging puffs and the odd fag here and there until one day I had a huge upset and went and bought tobacco.I can still remember unwrapping it,rolling a fag, and smoking it EVEN THOUGH I DIDNT WANT IT at that time.So be strong YOU are your own worst enemy! All the Ive found the term 'quit' to be an excellant word as 'giving up' implies psychologically that youre losing something

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