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Carbon Monoxcide ? what carbon monoxcide

Well peeps, went to the clinic last night to review my Chammies ( Champix ) just incase no one has a clue what im on about haha.

Carbon Monoxcide test 7 weeks ago when i first went to the nurse was 47 double that of a heavy smoker, 2 weeks later it was 42, after 2 weeks of stopping smoking it was 2 and last night ??? a big fat 0, nothing! i could not tell you what that feeling was like considering the secondtest at 42 when that machine actually statrted bleeping at 99 i thought i was going to die there and then and so did nurse Debbie until we realised the machine was faulty haha sooooo funny that moment, anways from that to this is so immense.. having no CM in my system, all that coughing and spluttering im doing, bringing up sh1t loads of tar mucas and god knows what else, is brilliant! I'm healing, and healing fast!! ok so i have another 15 years to go before my poor incinerated lungs wil lbecome the same as non smoking lungs but at least if i get killed in 15 years time the can use my lungs as a donar now and not in some science lab class room all shrivelled, black and looks more like a very well done fillet!! that is the best feeling in the world.

overall its been a great 5 weeks, i have throw myself in the fire, did the hard way, kept my routine with going for a smoke break at work, kept up ith my wine, being around a smokere 24-7 its proved i can do this and dont need a fag. The hard days i get about 2 each week the hours in each day are getting less and i will continue to fight these days until the bad days are nothing more than a pasing thought!

to people who still crave years on after quit, seriously need to get that WANT, its 5 weeks for me and that want is decreasing and within a year i hope it wil lbe a passing thought.

I look at my mum, who smoked for 48 years, my sis the same as me 20 years and my friend at work who smoked 20 years, all stopped using Chammies and all stopped between 1.5 and 3 years ago and never craved at all since.

Lets keep going peeps, we are al dealing withthis in different ways but ultimatly we are winning this war against the companies who have made us desperate addicts, im so pleased to be on the other side and hope more and more follow us!!!


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