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Day 1

So here I am on Day 1 and determined to win this time.

I have struggled a bit getting back into a quit and have had more than a few false starts lately :o That's one of the main reasons I am writing this post only half an hour in. I usually don't say anything and that way when I fail I don't have to admit it openly.

I have let a lot of fears about quitting consume me lately but that's just a reason to carry on smoking. The fear of where that can lead health wise is what i should be worrying more about.

We have found something out this week-end that is worrying us all in our family. I would normally use this as a valid reason to carry on smoking. This time I realised smoking won't change the outcome. The news will be good or bad whether I chain smoke or not.

I have lots of oatmeal and a vitamin B complex thanks to Bella' recent thread. I am off work so that will make the next few days a lot easier.

Oooh just realised an hour has passed now, 23 more to go :D

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That’s great news that you decided to give it another go Karri. I don't have any magic advice to give to make it easier but I certainly wish you the best.

Sorry to hear something it bothering you and your family and hope it works itself out for the better soon.

I know exactly how you feel about being hesitant about posting in fear that you may go back to smoking and not wanting to let anyone down. I do the same thing. Happy to say tomorrow will be day 14 :)

Best of Luck


Keep on keeping on Karri.

This is your time now - grab it and don't let go no matter how many 'valid' reasons present themselves.


Karri, amazing you come back and doing it again, dont pressure youself honey, deal with one craving at a time, do not think about the next 23 hours or tomorrow worry about NOW, you cannot control wha is going to happen in the future weather it be hours days or years do dont, just worry about the now as that is all you can control, and you will get there :-)

derek xx


Great advice from Derek. It's about the NOW with smoking , I think.

Good for you for giving it a go.

Will be thinking of you and willing you on like crazy, so if good wishes count for anything you are well on your way. xxxx


Good luck Karri. Hope today goes well for you.

Gaynor x


:( Sorry to hear about your family worry and i do hope it resolves itself soon

sending you virtual


Your right smoking isnt going to change anything its not a magic wand that you smoke and everything wilbe ok in your life you just have to concentrate on the positives you do have and try to focus on just one day at a time breaking it up into sections and keep saying i am not going to smoke and ignore that inner voice trying to tempt you back with its lies and false promises

everytime you get a thought of a crave for a ciggy have some marmite :p at least thats a healthy addiction to have ;)

Carol x


Good lass and if anyone gets on your nerves get some of Derek's imaginary forks.:D


Best of luck Karri. You have lots of people here wishing you well and you have a determination to succeed so you have already overcome some major obstacles before you even hit them. Stay strong and keep at it.


You can do this.

H x


Sending positive thoughts across the ocean Karri. I won't give any advice as there is plenty on here already and you are very educated on all the pitfalls, etc.

I would wish you luck, but as you know, luck has nothing to do with it.

Just tackle one craving at a time.........put that little bugger to sleep..... :)


Awesome, Karri!!


Tremendous luck and best wishes on your quit Karri.

If in doubt.....shout. I did...I had some humungous hissy fits but who cares if it helps you stay quit.

Lisa xxx


Hi Karri, we have both quit at the same time and joined this forum Im into day2 also.



Good luck!

Good luck with your quit Karri! You know it makes sense!:D


Good luck karri am on day 1 so we are quitting same time:)


Karri - go, girl, go! I soooooooooooo hope this is your time. You want to be a non-smoker. You know you do. And you can do it. You know you can.




Best of luck Karri



Karri, good luck. If anyone deserves this, you do. Keep talking!


Less fags. More marmite and homemade lentil soup. If you do REALLY well someone might give you a recipe for those meaty ball things :) I hope so. Good luck Karri. You CAN do this you know.


Karri, so PROUD of you!!! Just keep going, you can do this!!! I have faith in you!! No matter what happens, no matter what temptation throws at you, just laugh, cry, scream, curse....whatever you need to do, but look temptaion in the face and laugh! Do not give in or up!! Keep the faith. Alot of people are rooting for you and we KNOW in our hearts that you can do this!

Take it one crave at a time, don't think to far ahead....stay busy. That will help. If you need to scream, I will listen and scream with you if you want. Whatever it takes to keep you off the fags.

Good luck and I am praying for you and also silent prayers...ppat


Good lass Karri. Keep it going.

You've got a horrible day over with and tomorrow (today! I'm up at stupid o'clock)you can look forward to .....tree-chopping ???? I've heard of pampering and indulging yourself, but that's sheer self -indulgence.

I could do with you up here to sort out the Clampetts who live at the back of us.

Hoping tomorrow seems shorter. xxx


go for it karri!!!


How is it going Karri? Hopefully you are still going strong?? I, along with many others are rooting for you. Keep us up to date and let us know how we can help. I know you have other things going on but don't use them as a reason to light up. Smoking never solved anything!!

Stay strong and remember...we care! ppat


Keep going karri, you chop down as my trees as need be ;) whatever it takes ;)


Oh you poor thing :eek: :(

I broke a quit some time ago when my husband mashed his face up after falling face forward off his bike - and it wasn't even me that was hurting!

Poor Karri. What a dreadful thing to happen. Hope you feel better very soon and ready to climb back on to the wagon (and NOT fall off!!!!).

H x


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