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Day 7 :)

Good morning ex smokers!!!

This is my first post on this forum, a fellow quitter suggested I join. I've had a read of other posts and found them re-assuring so thought I'd add my own.

I am on day 16 of Champix and quit on day 10 so today is my one week milestone.....YAY :D

Mornings are a real struggle for me still but I'm hoping that will get easier soon, I've had none of the nasty side affects that are reported about Champix apart from disturbed sleep and some quite vivid dreams, both of which I can handle after all anything (more or less) is better than smoking.

I gave up before using patches and managed to stay smoke free for nearly a year then stupidly started again, I'm determined that will not happen this time!!

I have smoked 15-20 a day for 32 years, I'm not going to do that for the next 32 years (if I'm around that long).

Happy to be smoke free, just wanting the 'want' to go away.

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Hey Karen, welcome! I have no experience with Champix so can't comment too much but just wanted to say welcome, good luck and hope it works ;)


Thanks Angry Bear. There are lots of horror stories out there about Champix but my stop smoking advisor offered them to me so I thought I'd give them a go..... great success so far......just one day at a time I guess :)


Hi Karen Well done :)

I'm a Champix user who suffered horrible side effects, but they certainly do the trick as far as putting you off smoking is fact they seem to have put me off everything else as well :)) I'm on week 8 of Champix, but have had to reduce the dose to the original start dose. I'll complete week 6 of not smoking tonight.

I've loved the dreams ... next best bit about them as far as I am concerned!


Hi Becky, thanks for the're doing really well...keep it up. When do you expect to come off Champix, I haven't been told how long I'm likely to be on them, not that it really matters if it keeps me off the ciggies but I am they gradually reduce the dose or just stop?


My counsellor told me I would be on them for 3 months, but if they thought I needed it the doc might prescribe for another 3 months. I think you are probably weaned off them in reverse order that you increased the dose, but I haven't asked about that. I'll ask next time I go, cos I think I probably don't need them now.

Haze who posts on here managed with just one month on them and then this forum I think she says on her Bio bit.


Thanks for that, I am definitely not at the stage to come off them yet.... too early.....still think about smoking a lot, that will change over the next few weeks then I'll see about coming off. Thanks for the reply :)


Day 7 Snap! Well done Karen. You have a great attitude. Keep it up a day at a time.


Hi YorkSX, how are you doing? Mornings are my difficult time, the rest seems a bit too easy:) not that I'm complaining because willpower isn't my strong point!!

Keep in touch to let me know how it's going, I intend posting most days just to stay focused.

Congratulations on completing your first week as a non smoker :)


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