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Heaven 7

Proud to be making this post, 7th day... who'd have thought it?


Woke up this morning and my brain said.... mmm a cig would be nice... i had to remind it that we dont smoke anymore.

Sleeeeeep issues, getting to sleep, staying asleep and crazy dreams when i'm there. very tierd today, actually had a Kalms herbal sleepy tablet last night, i think its more so kicked in this morning.... rats! :confused:

do your worst nicotine monster

Hope everyones doing great

Zebby xx

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Well done Zebby. Absolutely well done. Thats hell week screwed up and chucked in the bin. Off in to week 2 with you. Go on. Chop chop :)


Well done

Well done mate you have done really well congrats.....

Keep it up they say it gets easier from now on (WE'll see)

I'm just behind ya

Keep the faith :cool:


well done

zebedee what a star you are doing fantastic just hang on in there things will soon get better good luck and keep going :):):)


I love seeing these posts of people succeeding ahead of me. Gives me real hope.

Zebedee - bathe yourself in pride. Ony a smoker understands what an achevement it is.



Thaaaank you!

Thanks everyone!

Your all doing brilliantly too! Its so lovely to have support and like minded people to spurr you on, glad i'm part of it all. i think it is the support that is needed to stop for good!

Ooooh Hell week nearly over? Yippee! I'm going to go and poke my head around week 1's door hurrah!

Boingy boingboing! xx


Day 7 for me too

Well done you. Can't wait until I go to bed tonight knowing I've managed a whole week.

I don't feel as sleepy today, but maybe should not have sat down to look on here as I am now feeling light headed and can feel a big yawn coming on.

I am sleeping well, but have had some strange dreams (got sucked backward very quickly into a vacuum, body bent forward like a rag doll - that one woke me up).

Well done, here's to week 2 and hopefully getting some energy back :)


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