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Third week come ooooonnnn


Hello everyone, its been a few weeks since i last posted, apologies for not being here to offer my support but you know how hoidays are :-)

any way, i am entering my thrid week of non smoking and can report the following...

I am now totally back to normal, sleeping again, non increase in weight gain, my teeth are so white and clean, clothes dont smell, breathing is much better, tightness in back all but gone, a lot more energy in walking..

Dont get me wrong there has been days where i am so surprised i never caved in.... wednesday, i was lucky enough to attend the Paralympic Opening ceremony, had catagory a front seats and let me tel you the energy in that staduim wss overwhelming, the excitement in the place and loits of alcohol i thought i was going to cry but i got through it and i never let it ruin one of the best nights of my life so far!!! i felt amazing on thrusday even with a massive hangover! friday was the biggest relief in not smoking was going out for dinner and drinks with my friends and this bunch not one smokes to be around with all the non smokers drinking laughing and knowing i dont have to go outside and come in stinking was amazing feeling, i got home and drinks with partner who smokes and it was hard but i kept thinking of how nice it was not to smoke with friends.

I have cut down my champix to one a day as during week 2 i noticed my sleeping was becoming hard, waking up 2-3 times a night feeling sick, headaches but i never got htis with morning so i stopped it!! and feel great, my sleep pattern is back to normal. I no longer get that feeling after food i dont even think about it now!

i have notices i am not thinking of smoking half to what i used to so for all you newbies, out there, it is hard for a few weeks but IT DOES get easy!!!

biggest thing i have oticed that has helped me reatly is NOT changing my routine. at work i still go outside with and without smokers and just sit in my usual seat with friends and a cuppa the only thing i do different is not put a cig in my gob, even if on my own i still go outside to the smoking corner with my tea and just chill!!! its now second nature i dont even think about a fag when there!! i stil lgo into thje kitchen with partner, i still stand ith him when out and about and sit outside if nice in coffee shops.... this way it does not feel like im missing out on anything and that was my biggest fear! which i now know in my mind it is nicotime drug thats doing this. And i feel i have beaton this, i have been in every situation and every new one is the hardest but second time im in that situation it gts easier, these are the trigger points!!!

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What a fantastic brill positive post to be reading :D:D

get in your doing a fab job

onwards and upwards is def the way forward

Hello Derek

What a great post - you are really doing well and what's more, it sounds as if you don't have to try too hard at keeping your quit in check.

Like you I am finding it easier now, sometimes it actually seems as if I have forgotten about smoking and that my life is completely 'normal' without it. It's just the odd now and then when those familiar little urges try to creep up on me when I'm least expecting them.

Other than that all is well and I agree with you that the benefits of not smoking are both noticeable and amazing.

Keep up the good work.

Linda x

Thanks Carol,

I know its only week 3 but i know deep in my heart I will never smoke again, i have stopped so many times and a serious serial quitter in past. I know the danger areas on failing and facing them full on this time early on so it comes second nature. the hardest is always with so******ing with smokers with alocohol and im still doing this, it was like a penny dropped! you can still this just DONT have one and i know one puff i will be on them! its enought to say thanks I dont smoke :-)

i have al ong way to go but i know im safe as my mind is 300% knows its a non smoker and it has to deal with the pangs and in tim whats left will just become thoughts.


Do you know Derek, you have described exactly how I feel.

I've had quite a few half hearted attempts at quitting before but this time I feel as if I can say with confidence that I'll never smoke again.

I'm not saying that I will never 'want' to again, I'm still coming to terms with that one, but I don't think I will ever go back to smoking.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to realise that quitting is achievable, better late than never though!

Keep smiling:)

Linda x

I have done exactly the same thing. I have tried not to change anything at all and for the most part it doesn't bother me. I have actually started to say I don't smoke and I really believe it to be true. I have 2 problems tho.

1) Sundays. I'm used to doing nothing on a Sunday so overcoming the boredom is still an issue. It has gotten easier and I honestly believe it wouldn't have been an issue if I could have had a few of them together. I guess the brain is still getting rewired lol

2) My father. He doesn't mean to put pressure on big he just can't give encouragement. He has to find something to pick at. It can't be an achievement with him because he is so bloody negative. Sometimes he really winds me up.

Glad to have you back Derek and well done on week 3. You are doing brilliant

yep the boredom can really get boring :eek: as normally you would smoke to help break it up

you need to find anew hobby or start up an old one also trying some meditation and focus on the positives will help big time

failing that go for a walk/run or have a relaxing bath and pamper yourself you deserve it :)

i think your really astonishing brave continuing with your normal life i had to stop going out socially as that has always been my biggest downfall in the past and didnt go anywhere till i felt brave enough and even then i was careful not to drink too much to begin with now it dont bother me at all and i can even sit in the smoking area for a while anyway the smell of smokers really turns my stomach after a while and i think wtf was i thinking that i used to enjoy this disgusting habit

sorry to read your dad is being so negative Mark :( but try not to let him get you down

have you noticed your getting angry more easily now? as if you are thats another side effect but will pass i found i lost it afew times which really scared me and shocked my daughter who was with me but i had already read that i might get upset easily and i was soon back to my normal calm self

Hi Mark and Derek, you have both done so well. I am so happy for both of you. I know that the support you get from family and friends is important so I sympathise with you Mark that your father is not supportive and I cant understand why that would be? However you definitely both have our support on here and its funny but when you joined the forum I felt you would be great for each other and you are.:)

Don't get me wrong. He's not deliberately unsupportive. He just has to moan about everything. Even if he was to get his perfect day he would still find something to moan about so I'm used to it but it's very off putting with this so he is the one thing I am trying to avoid for a bit lol

Derek you are a breath of fresh air and an inspiration I am so proud of you :D And Mark of course. Please say hello to my neighbour, Jackie, who is on day 12 and joined this site today. Took us ages to register her cos we couldn't read the capchas doh :confused: Anyways, we're here and on our way to Rio :D

Olympians Rule :D

Zoe xxxx

Heyyyyy Zoe, thank you, Its true what someone said to me a few years back, " what is the point in quitting as while you enjoy it you will never ever do it and if you do it will kill you trying" that is sooooo true so i give up giving up lol. But this time i knew in my head i need to do this, and halfthe battle was gone, now like Linda, i know that caving of want will come and go but its a total different story actually want to fill my lungs up with sh10t!!

I think as my back pain has stopped, i knew i was right regardless what my Physio and doctors said!

I hadthis dull ache in back just below shoulder and it felt like there was something there like a growth if that makes sense! I had a car accident 6 months ago so my Physio said its muscular as the pain goes after a hot shower, my doctor ( after i was convienced was a chest or lung infection ) said it was also muscular but gave me antibiotics ( afraid of a bitchy fit i would have if he refused me ) anyways... it never worked lol but i finished my physio 2 months ago and the dull ache only stopped 2 weeks ago, funny how it stopped just after a week of not smoking!!! i was up to almost 40 a day so im not surprised!!

anyways since i noticed a difference, since stopping i will never go back to it, i cant no matter how much i may want it!!

Mark... mate, i know what you mean by unsupportive, i have not encountered from family member but friends defo... the usual " i give you 3 months" or you will never do it" or what ever derek your 50th time ofcourse your goi8ng to stop" endless lol, but i i have to refrain from getting Zoe's hammer and making a dint in there heads but i bite my tounge and say to myself, you wil lsee mate just watch, i havetime on my side and will prove to you.

I have to report some negative though, my partner has said i have been weird for a few weeks, quite distant but he not sure it is withdrawal or champix... this week he said your coming back to normal but quite snappy!!! it pains me for him to say that as i am the most laid back person i know and a very affectionate soul but, i have to accept this as my body is going through some major changes.

he is ok with it and supportive but, this is an area i knew was coming as my billionth attempts i did quite snappy and this was what made me go back, just to feel normal. I will NOT do this again, if im snappy now and again i have to be to save my own life i need to be selfish but i know it wont last forever.

I am making notes and when i feel the need to snap, i just keep smiling and saying lovely words as normal, like yes darling, no problem gorgeous, can i get you anything, all through gritted theeth all the while i just want to smash something haha.....

i have noticed the last few days.. its not as much :-)

Mark, sunday bore are the WORST... What do we do ??? well, the last few weekends ( sunday ) i have changed my routine slightly from crap TV / movies on sofa plenty of tea and fags ( oh god PANG ) MOVE ON.... to now still watching my fav shows but i keep some of my groceries shopping now to a sunday, and in the evenings late showing of a film at the cinema and it works a treat....

Also my partner has had to by breath freshner for after a fag as i no longer can bare the smell orr taste... i am horrifed i smelt like that!!!

my last two partners one 10 years and of 4 years were both non smokers i actually found my self thinking how did they cope with me for years of this smell, its disgusting... then another thought im glad i smoked with them so they could have some nasty sh1t to contend with ;-) well they are ex's afterall, im just sorry i never smelt of BO and god knows what else now ;-) i digress...

Well done everyone and WELCOME Jackie great to have you here.


Hi Derek

Just thought I'd look in on here before closing down - have just ordered myself a new coat online - my reward to myself for not smoking.

Your posts are always so interesting and you describe so well so many of the side effects we quitters experience.

Firstly, that pain you below your shoulder blade - it's a coincidence that you should mention that because, prior to my quit, I was experiencing exactly the same thing, that plus a bit of a chesty smoker's cough - the combination of which prompted me to take action and try to quit. I'm sure now that the pain was muscular and probably caused as a result of me sitting with my laptop on my knee but, strangely enough, since quitting it has mysteriously disappeared along with my cough.

Secondly I think I too have become much less tolerant since I stopped smoking. I am making a concentrated effort to remain pleasant and calm (I've always thought that I was a very laid back kind of person too) but sometimes it is a bit of an effort. There are no smokers in my house, just me and my husband now and he's never smoked in his life, although he has put up with me doing it for years without too much complaint. I'm sure he's found me more difficult to live with than usual since I quit:rolleyes: although he hasn't said so. He's delighted I've stopped smoking but I'm trying very hard not to keep harping on about it to him and just plod my way forward with a smile on my face, even if sometimes it has been through gritted teeth. If I'm absolutely honest I don't think he's got much sympathy for my self created predicament which, if I put myself in his shoes, I can probably understand.

It must be a little strange for your partner now that you are no longer share a cigarette togther (I don't mean that literally) and perhaps he feels guilty that he's still smoking now that you've made the decision to give up. I know you aren't putting any pressure on him which is only fair but perhaps you quitting is making him more aware of his own smoking. As long as you allow him to just carry on (as I know you are doing) there shouldn't be any problem.

Well it's a lovely sunny and warm day here in Whitley Bay so I'm going to take advantage of my free time in the back garden - happy days.

Linda x

I am trying so hard not to snap and ask him not to come anywhere near me aftert a fag, but i can see it in his face he is not amused with me comments and i so so do not want to be a reformed smoker! but im falling into this catogory. smoking around me one thing but the kissing so so vile! it really turns me!

the poor sod is starting to feel a little bit dirty and puished out now and is wary of smoking around me, he said im making him feel bad which is not my intent. If he could only realise how nasty it is!! i said to him last night when you do quit, tis going to be so different as i dont smoke so you will never understand what its like to kiss a smoker! lol but i have decided from today no matter how bad itis keep my mouth shut! its not nice, its not fair, im not a Hypocrite, he has the right to smoke like i did without any insults. Thats me told of lol

back in my box Mr D and stay there, good boy

enjoy your lazy afternoon my dear :-)

Oh dear, the sun's been replaced by a thick sea fret - Remember those Derek?

I think when we quit it makes us more aware of all the things we don't like about smoking, funny how we just chose to ignore all of them (especially the lingering smell) when we were still smoking.

I do feel a bit sorry for your partner Derek, you quitting is bound to make him feel guilty that he is still smoking, especially when you are together.

You never know, your quit might rub off on him in the not too distant future but until then I think it's going to be a case of 'least said, soonest mended'.

Linda x

absolute agree, i felt terrible yesterday! but i kept my mouth shut all night in car to and from cinema ect! its ood he is aware of how bad it can be, i kept saying to him after about 5 mins the smell goes away or i get used to it, its the initial few mins just after, to be fair when he goes away and is around non smoker he is anxious of the smell and tends to stay away whilst smoking or not at all. so now im totally showing him the good signs in hope he follows suit but if not, i can live with it, end of day its not my lungs afterall.

gosh so many lessons learning though quitting, not just my emotions but other peoples too.

My colleague said to me today, now you know how we feel when you and russell come in from a fag its digusting.... eeeeek!! lol


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