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day 33

Hello fellow non smokers. This is my second quit. My first one lasted 15 years, so I know only too well you just can never have one puff ever, or you are soon back to the pack a day habit. I did it cold turkey the first time.

I'm on day 33 and finding it not too bad using Champix and "How to stop smoking and stay stopped for good" by Gillian Riley. I've had to cut down on the Champix as it was making me feel so very very sick.

What I am actually dying for is a decent cup of tea.Tea tastes absolutely foul at the moment. I normally adore chocolate at any time but never fancy any now. I'm mostly wanting fruit and fruit drinks. Could this be the Champix?

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Hi Becky and welcome to the forum :)

Well done on getting to your second month you must be so proud of yourself for achieving it :D

and yes its very easy to get complacent about smoking when you have been given up that smoking side is always inside and uses different means and ways to tempt you back

your tastebudes have changed so maybe a different brand of tea might be on order i know i had to change my coffee when i quit

i was the other way around when i smoked i never really eat chocolate and most of the time i either gave it away because it had been sitting in my house for yonks but now i

cant get enough of the stuff :eek:

but would rather have that addiction then smoking

at least i dont stink anymore and it dont cost as much plus i can limit myself to just having it now and again i had to really as i was eating it way too much of that yummy stufff

mmmmmm now i may have to have a piece or three :p

btw there is a champix group you could join if you go quick links at the top and scroll down to social groups it wilbe in there

look forward to reading your updates




Hello Carol

Thanks for the lovely welcome and encouragement. Yes it is great to be getting into the second month. Even though I did have a very long quit,somehow this time I just could not find the motivation to get beyond 3 weeks last year....attempted in Nov 11.

So the Champix has definitely helped me get over that period.

I'm feeling a bit better since the counsellor reduced the dose last week and I see her on Thurs for another assessment. I can't remember all this sick feeling with my first quit, and I ate for England that time , so I put on 2 st:eek:

I had a smile at your no more smelly grannie...that's certainly part of my motivation too:) I went out with some friends for dinner last week and sat next to quite a heavy smoker and it was horrible each time I got a waft of his tobacco smell. I feel bad that I did not realise quite how bad it was for my non smoker partner all this time. And I've saved over £200! Blimey. Food for thought.....


your welcome :)

dont forget your body changes all the time but as long as you can live with the side effects to the champix ok mind you reducing your dose will help

it was my grandson that finally drove the last nail into my world as a smoker i had ignored so many signs of the harm it was doing to me

when my daughter told me that kurt who was 6 at the time was walking round the house with a crayon in his mouth and when she told him to take it out he stood there and said well when i grow up im going to smoke just like nanny :eek:

that horrified me so much and woke me up i had given up for 12 years when my girls were growing up but i used to be a social smoker and was really lucky that i wasnt drawn back in beforehand really :eek:

then my other incentive was born around 6 weeks of stopping and he wilbe 2 in december and has never known me to smell

thats the other thing you dont realise how much you smell when you smoke

joining this forum and learning all about the pitfalls of smoking has helped me no end its very easy to get complacent about smoking again and even easier to get back into becoming a slave to smoking

i love the fact that i have the power and control back of my life

and im not going to give it up again



You've done really great haven't you? Well done nanny Carol :)

I know of a very definite benefit I have had since I have not smoked and that is that my peak flow measurement has risen by just over 50% since I stopped. My almost permanent cough has gone. I've stopped snoring,apparently, and I am richer. The smell thing is a huge thing that people just do not realise how really really horrible it is.

Why on earth do we think it's a good idea to start this habit? and what exactly do we think we are getting out of it cos I am far more chilled out off them.


Hi Becky

Hi Becky, oh my god 15 years and started again I thought I was bad having stopped for 5 years and then started again. Just goes to show as you say do not become complacent! Sounds to me like you are really serious about this quit though and that si half the battle. When you really want to quit then you will. Anyway welcome on board and good luck with it. Keep posting and reading and I am sure you will find it very helpful,:)


Hi Haze

Thanks so much for the welcome and the support. I did a lot of reading through threads for weeks before I joined and I see what fantastic support there is on this forum and am very thankful for that.

Yes 15 years or more. I thought I'd just have have one on holiday. Stupid. Fatal. Within a week I was back to a pack a day and just could not find the cold turkey motivation I found the first time to stop again. But I am determined this time and the Champix has certainly helped...even though it's made me feel as sick as dog!


Hi Becky, I used Champix for the first month and I know that they really did help me. I felt sick after the morning tablet and I had weird dreams but nothing I couldnt cope with. The only reason I stopped taking them was because I kept forgetting my tablet and I just thought oh well I mustnt need them now and here I am 7 months quit. Stick with them they really do help.:)


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