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Bad experiences

I will start with my positive news. If you had told me 6 months ago that I could stop smoking for longer than a week, I would have called you a fool. I'm now on day 74 (that's more than one week, unless someone restructured time without telling me)

And now for the not so good. I feel....awful:(. My throat hurts and my head is pounding. on the plus side, it probably won't last as long as it would 75 days ago;).

I believe, or at least blame, the hotel room I had to stay in on Tuesday night. I had booked the room the day before (short notice business trip) with all the features I wanted. When I arrived, the room had all the features I requested with the addition of being allowed to smoke in it. I asked to be transferred, but all the non smoking rooms were gone. I thought of finding another hotel, but since I was in a small town at 11pm and didn't know my way around, I put up with one night of absolute torture.

If that one night had one advantage, it was to completely reinforce the fact that I do not want to EVER smoke again.

I would not wish that experience on anyone, although I suppose an active smoker would not notice.

Do you have any really bad experiences that you want to share?

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Do you have any really bad experiences that you want to share?

No. :D

Well done on sticking with it!



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