Day 11 - Goodbbye £20 Note

So here we are on Day 11, everything seemed to be going ever so well until I had a trip to the shop! The urge was too much & I had to say goodbye to my old pal Purple. It was his time to go & with a very selfish act I passed him over to the shop assistance in return for, you guessed it, I'm weak.......... a Magnum white ice-cream & 3 lucky dips for tomorrow night euro millions!! :D If I don't win the main prize draw, hopefully I will be 1 of the 100 instant millionaires they are doing to celebrate the opening of the Olympics!! Although I am missing my good mate Purple, I have now made friends with 10!! :):D

3 Replies

  • Ha Ha very brave of you. I hope to be one the 100 too! Good luck both of us!

  • What is this lotto thing do I have to but a Friday one to be in it?

  • Leeroy you wicked creature! You had me going there.........exactly as you intended. For that I think the fates will conspire to punish you......and you will win precisely £6.58 from your three lucky dips. Not even enough to replensish your purple :)

    Anyway you non-smoking, pretending to smoke git.....isnt it pay day tomorrow so we can have the adventures of Leeroy's £20 note part two?

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