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No Smoking Day
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This Sucks!

Ok..today is day 20 of cold turkey and it sucks bad. A little back story:

a little over 3 weeks ago I got up early (like i used to) had some coffee and my 6 cigs from 6am-11am while on the phone. I then went to the gym and worked out hard..my heart then began to race and I felt like I was having a heart attack so I went to the ER. All it was was over stimultation, lack of hydration and feeling weird.

I then didnt smoke much that night and the next day. Went to the docs for a checkup that monday and felt panicky and light headed (prob only had about 4 cigs from sat night to mon). Everything checked out so I went along business as usal tuesday (less smoking but still did). I then went to bed bath and beyond and had a panic attack. I choked that up to not feeling well from the dehydration. Got some ativan and thought I was good. Smoked the next day and since I was keyed up on the heart rate I got anxious again and quit.

I also was taking a bunch of "male enhancement herbs" and I discontinued them as well. At this point I have been 20 days without a cig, 23 without my normal herbal regimen, 23 withouth coffee, and as a side note I had been a daily user of marijuana and I have since quit that as well (7 days).

I will say anxiety, depression (comes and goes) weird vision (almost like too intense..werid, depth perception seems a little odd) here and there minor dizziness and an overall feeling of being "out of it." I've also noticed that my sex drive has taken a dip and I feel nervous going in public.

I gotta say..at this poitn I am REAL close to lighting one up and trying to quit later using some aids and not cold turkey. Oh..and I am in a computer networking class and have a wedding in 9 months....

Any advice or suggestions?? Please

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Hi there, welcome to the site.

I think you have to take a deep breath, and take stock.

If you have quit all these different things all in one go, it's no wonder you're feeling completely off the planet. It's bound to have a massive impact on the balance of your body and mind. I mean let's face it, you've kind of chucked yourself in the deep end.

You could just give up now and end up back where you started. But...

There's nothing that you've been taking that won't be out of your system pretty quickly, so a lot of the physical side effects ought to iron themselves out soon (if not you should check with a doctor). You will need a longer time to readjust psychologically to the day to day reality of living without all those things, but it's not impossible. As you come out of the fog of cold turkey quitting you might find that you like an un-intoxicated you rather better than the one who was constantly broiling their brain with stimulants.

At the very least you owe it to yourself to give it a damn good try. You may find this quitting process tough, but it's a damn sight less tough than facing the stuff that could happen to you if you don't change those habits.

This quitting thing is so possible. Just stick around here and read a lot and you will see.

One day at a time! Keep on going!

Helen x


Really appreciate the reply big time. I was very close to smoking until I came here..I really want to stick this out..but the anxiety and here and there panicky feelings are wearing me down. Prob quitting the weed is hitting me too as I was kind of using that as a crutch. My goal was to not feel like I "had to have" anything daily.

I think I might try to get back into my herbal supplements as they were natural. It's interesting that the symptoms of withdrawl are indentical to those of low testosterone..which after 14 years of smoking and turning 30 in 2 months might also be playing into all of this..as the supplements I was taking have been proven to help that.

Thanks again for the vote of confidence and encouraging words!


nicontine is the hardest drug in the world to quit to want between 5 or 40 smokes a day compared to other drugs is what i balance my view upon plus I am day 22 smoke free ( cold turkey ) me personally I dont crave smokes anymore but I did feel suicidal, irritable, angry, panicky and low self esteem. Im usally quite confident but quitting the smokes means putting on weight because im so used to the hands to mouth motion when i smoked. The good news is I am joining a gym tomorrow and the dark circles under my eyes are fading and my stamina is improving, My lungs feel alot clearer already and a box of 20 smokes in Uk is over £7 about $10 I have saved over $200 in your currency in 3 weeks ...My mood swings are improving now I am definately no where near to say I am 100% cured of my addiction but I feel like it is getting easier now I feel like I have achieved something only a few percentage of people in our situation can say they have achieved and I hope you meet your targets because I respect the fact you are changing your liife for the better all in one go.. I believe you can quit the smokes and the weed in one go..You are strong enough to do it..;)


caffeine and nicotene and weed (I don't know about the supplements) means that pretty much your whole life was being controlled by stimulants. There's no doubt that you are experiencing withdrawal from all three.

It will be interesting to rediscover what your body is really like, won't it? Like a kind of extended scientific experiment :)

It might be an idea to seek alternative means of reaching your happy place though - or the stress may prove too much. Raise your endorphins with a bit of exercise? Get in touch with yourself with some meditation/yoga? Really look at your diet, too, it can make a big difference.

I'm coming across like a total health freak - not so. At thirty I was doing all the things you're doing (again, not the supplements :D). I still couldn't live without the caffeine, come to think of it. And I've only been off the cigs for a year and a half. But if there's one thing I've learned in these last couple of years, it's that these habits were just habits, and NOT an inherent part of my personality. I am still exactly the same person, sober. Capable of the same highs and lows, unchanged in personality. I always thought that smoking was essential to my identity. Nuh-uh.

Time to rediscover who you really are I reckon. Embrace the rollercoaster!



dont give up

hi and welcome to the forum.. i no its tuff now but it will get better. for the first month of my quit i had terribe anxitay and panick attacks.. to the point of i could'nt go out.. im just over 2 month in my quit and i still get a bit like that now maybe 2 days out of 7.. today being one of them by the way.. but not half as bad i i was getting.. i had it to the point were my doc. who normaly dosent give out tablets. gave me valum and sleeping pills.. im having a rubbish day today my self but im trying to take my mind of it by chatting on here doing some uni work.. so plese dont give up just try to take sum beep breath and keep ur mind busy... and iv also decided that if iv still got symtoms after 3 month im going back my docs for advise. so maybe do the same


Much appreciate the reply Kelly. I have honestly never really had a panic attack or much anxiety that I couldn't control so that has been the toughest part. I did find a low dosage anxiety herb that has passion flower, ashwagandha root, L-Theanine, vitamin B6, B12, a little calcium and magnesium which seems to help with the resltess mind and anxiety. Today is officially the beginning of week 3 so I am hoping that by this time next week I am at least a touch better.

I am also going to return to taking my herbal supplements as I have read that smoking decreases testosterone in men..and the supplements I had been taking are show to help with that very issue..so I might be running low on that as well.

Thanks again for the reply. It helps to know that this issues are fairly common.


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