No Smoking Day
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Finished day 8 :)

A mile stone for me as i always cracked on day 7 last two times. I do feel different though, i credit the champix for allowing me and relatively painless cold turkey. When i think about having a cig it scares me thinking about going back to waking up craving, which is druggy behaviour isnt it!?

i do miss having a cig, i think i always will, but then i think but its amazing that i havent GOT to smoke anymore! :) phew!

any day 1 quitters reading this, give it a go, you will have bad days on the ones you least suspect, but also good ones and i think once you do get to that week mark you do then start to begin the process of comming to terms with the death of your mate the addiction xxx

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Great work! Well done indeed.


:D Well done on reaching day 8

of course your going to miss smoking because it was your constant companion always there reminding you that you need him :eek: (like any addict)

but the longer down the road you go you will start to forget for the main part about the ciggie it will start with hours then days and before you know it you will actually go weeks without thinking

its like when your getting ready to go out it was an automatic thing to reach for your ciggies and lighter i know when i had been given up for a while i kept wandering around the house thinking ive forgotton something what is it :o then i would realise

just remember to concentrate on a day at a time and not think too far in the future or about previous quits

and keep chanting im not going to smoke today

onwards and upwards is the way to go forward


You are doing fantastic Nikki.:) Really well done! I used Champix and I think they really help, although you still need will power, which is seems you have in spades. So keep it going!:D:D


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