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Hello Again!

Hello everyone!

I belonged to this Forum many years ago and found it invaluable (along with Champix!!) in a quit that was successful for over 18 months.

Then the same old "just one won't hurt" mentality kicked in and we all know how that story ends.....

So here I am again - new username (too ashamed to admit to my old quit mates) - new pack of Champix and anew Day One post.

Here we go again....

(14 hours nicotine free)

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Cheers Sue. I think you may have been around under a different name too perhaps....

You know what, I'm not being hard on myself at all - I'm feeling very laid back and what will be will be....



Don't know if I knew you in your previous incarnation, but I wouldn't judge you anyway. We're all just that one reckless cig away from relapse. It actually does me good to be reminded of that occasionally. NOPE really does have to mean NOPE!

Best of luck with restarting the quit. You know - you really do know! - that this is totally achievable. Chin up, best foot forward, on to a smoke free life!

Helen x


Cheers Helen



Thank you to the Mod who welcomed me back privately - your post made me smile - but sadly I've forgotten how to reply to PMs....

If anyone else is worried about me posting under my old username - please be assured my memory is so bad I can't even remember my old login details!!:)


LOL, I thought it might :D

Anyway, welcome back publicly, PM's will kick in once you are above 10 posts if I recall correctly.


:D Well done on coming back to a degree i can see where your coming from on changing your name and starting afresh

the fact you have been down this road before and reached over 18 months smoke free is a great achievement so you know you can do it

i look forward to reading and sharing this new journey of yours :)

onwards and upwards is the way to go




Thanks Carol - day 2 and still going strong, so fingers crossed!


sorry just reread my first message to you and realised that i hadnt added to the comment about understanding your reason to change your name for a fresh start

and not because your ashamend

most of the people on here have tried so many times to quit only to get so far down the road and then give in to that tempting idea of having just one because it will help

the smoking demon inside every one of us bides its times and finds different approaches to trick and tempt us back by making us remember the actual act of smoking as being calming pleasing and enjoyable

i know with me reading the posts of the newbies have helped me to stay focused and remember what it was like to let smoking be in control of my life that i couldnt do anything without first having a smoke because it helped or so i thought

so you shouldnt be ashamed but proud you achieved 18 months plus in your last quit :)


Once again - thanks for the reply Carol.

Please don't get me wrong - I'm not self flagellating with the shame of relapse BUT... I did make some really good friends on here first time round - and we still keep in touch on Facebook. I just could never admit to them that I had fallen off the wagon when they were all doing so well. Not lying directly to them exactly, but certainly lying by omission.

Then when my quit mate congratulated me on our two year anniversary I was very non-committal and felt terrible about it...

So, (with luck and determination) when I feel comfortable enough in this quit - I shall come clean and my conscience will be clear!;)


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