End of Week 2 Beginning of Week 3 - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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End of Week 2 Beginning of Week 3


Week one was brutal..and week 2 was a touch better. The depression and anxiety seem to be the only 2 real tough things for me...but both seem to be getting a touch better daily.

One thing that hit me yesterday was "when am I going to feel normal again." Then I thought..well "normal" was being a cig addict and since that is not what I want to be..there needs to be a new normal.

One of the most interestin things is that my vision seems to have gone from SD to HD.. depth perception and everythign seems to be dramatically improved.

I quit straight up cold turkey with some bubble gum, banannas and deep breaths. Plus for the anxiety I got some homeopathic calm tablets which work great (5 bucks for 100).

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Brilliant job getting to week 3. The first few days and weeks are obviously the hardest. The feeling normal takes a while too because you are adapting to your new smoke free life and there is a period of adjustment. Cold turkey is brilliant too because the nicotine is definitely out of your system now. Keep it going and well done to you!:)

Appreciate the encouragement. I definitely have very few phyiscal cravings anymore...it is def the "mental cravings" which actually seem to be almost tougher. When I am stressed or sick of "not feeling right" my brain says to just smoke and you will feel normal again. Amazing though how not having nicotene can just beat you down when quitting..

I have just reccomended Allen Carrs Easy way to quit smoking to somebody who is struggling with the psycological side of the quit it really does help with all that. Check it out have a look and see what people say about it I found a very helpful book.:)There is a link on this wbsite somewhere you can download it for free.:)

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