smoke free 2 days :)

2nd day smoke free on champix. really are amzing little pills! its basicly the same as cold turkey accept you feel indifferent rather than angery or tearful lol :confused:

but i am finding this alot easier than NRT as i feel i am actually achieving something day by day rather than avoiding something day by day if that makes sense. i also found with nrt its easier to con yourself back on to the fags, because hey your taking nicotine anyways right :mad:

anyways i had one paranoid thought that i was actualy on a tv show in my house....i blame the champix! :rolleyes:

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  • They worked for me I think it is unbelievable as you say that a pill can do that to someone like me who has smoked for 40 years. I miss the mad dreams though I got used to them and quite looked forward to them they were brill.:)

  • Well done Nikki, keep that positive resolve up! :D

  • thank you i will try my best :D yeah the dreams are amazing!! ive had two brilliant ones in 4 nights and i really cant wait to see tonight installment :p

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