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Day 9 - Strange dreams still

Well here I am again (I think). Had a few too many drinkies on Sunday :o and think I may have pinched a cigarette of someone and had a few puffs. But as I can't actually remember if I did or not :o, I'm not going to count it ;)

Dreamt that I bought a pack of 10 last night & smoked them all, which is a bit strange as I only really smoked roll-ups.

Still waiting for the strange dreams & severe lack of sleep to disappear, but sticking with the Champix. Cough has virtually gone, and sense of smell & taste is coming back. Back out again tonight but not planning on having too many drinks, so should be fine.

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Carribean..Good for you!! .. I'm on day 10 and last night was my worst ( im going cold turkey).. yesterday i went to santander and asked to transfer my money i spend on cigeretts into a savings account..i hope to save £40-£60 a week..:)


Turns out I didn't have that fag after all. I just put it in my pocket then broke it up :)

I have been in a foul mood for the last couple of days, snapping at DH, the kids and ignoring co-workers. Hope I snap out of it soon.


foul mood sums us all up i guess as long as our loved ones know what were goin through and not to take it personal, then its all good..Glad u didn't smoke that cig..rooting for ya..ha!


I had some great dreams when I first quit.

The weirdest dreams for many years! It lasted about 4 months as I remember, but there were some very strange times!


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