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Allen Carr

Hi all, I have just got back from a couple of carboots. And their it was Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking book 30p is all it cost. What a bargain. I have Allen C on my MP3 but im a book person. Anyway i will defo be reading it. Had a nice day with 2 very good friends. I also bought Walk the Line with joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon one of my fave films. Well anyway just wanted to let you know of my bargain and where i am with my quit. Keep u posted. Jacqui

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I have the book, it really does help - i'm on a mission not to smoke no matter what now!!

Denise x


Hi Jacqui sounds like you're having a good day...I went to a car-boot today too, got a few DVDS but nothing of note was the first one I've been to since I stopped smoking, felt a bit weird not rolling fags while walking around but I think I have to do all these things to get rid of the triggers? Got a wedding reception to go to next weekend, not looking forward to that! Still, that's then, I'll worry about today...glad you're doing OK!


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