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Where to Post

Haven't really had much time to come on the forum this week, and had a rotten cold this past couple of days.

I just started week 4 yesterday and not sure where to post as there is no week 4 on the forum and I've got another 9 days before I reach the 1 month mark :confused:

At the moment I am feeling very up and down and really felt like reaching for a smoke yesterday but did manage to resist :D

Did anyone else find week 4 particularly difficult?

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I found this period confusing too, you're just sort of in limbo:confused:

You are doing really well, almost a month done. All of the early weeks can be difficult but I promise you it DOES get easier.

Stay strong xx



I'm the same cake, not sure where to post (we need a week 4 room mods :D) I've had a few moments where i've had some cravings or urges as I call them now but I think it's more that I had a bad week generally so I didn't cave, we will have bad days whether we smoke or not so i'm sticking with not giving in to the evil nic!!

I think i'll carry on posting in week 3 room cos like you i've got 10 days left till a month - woohooo one month, we're nearly there, we can all do this...

Well done to all of us :D

Denise x


I think Month 1 should read Week 4 as well. Month 1 can be any day from day one.

The way I see it, we should move into Month 1 tomorrow and Month 2 when we complete a whole month.

I will be glad to get out of week 3 even though I don't believe in the terrible 3s. Think my subconscious does.

Woke up in a panic today. I had a smoking dream. I was standing outside the dentist's trying to light a rolled up piece of streaky bacon :D


You are all doing well! All you June quitters. It doesnt matter what month day week you post in you are all non smokers now! Pat yourselves on your back and say well done me. The stories of the smoking dreams are hilarious I have them and I am always so relieved when I wake up. Just shows it is still there in our sub concious mind.


I had a smoking dream. I was standing outside the dentist's trying to light a rolled up piece of streaky bacon :D


I always wondered how they made smoked bacon. Ha ha

I suspect most of the people on here read all the posts so it dont really matter where you post. Well done june quitters


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