No Smoking Day
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5 hours!

Ok, I've not seriously attempted to give up before. I've not suffered any obvious effect from smoking and indeed probably like everyone else I rather enjoy it. But the cost and the fact I'm about to have a second child (the lady not me personally) has finally swayed me that I really need to stop.

Most of my peers have now stopped and I'm one of the few who still do. It's been playing on my mind for ages. I've tried the patches once or twice but found them useless - although in truth I never actually gave up for more than a few hours.

I can't say I've even actually stopped now, because I stopped at lunchtime. ;)

Anyway, I've bought my last pack and have two fags more left - which I'll finish tonight. I'm actually looking forward to finishing them. As in having nothing left rather than the actual smoking bit.

I ordered some of those mouth sprays from Amazon and have used these this afternoon and found they do actually make me feel better. You may laugh because its only been a few hours but I feel rather liberated and in my head I'm ready for the fight. Because I know it'll be a fight.

I think Once I've got through this weekend I'll book a trip to the dentist and get the teeth cleaned up.

Come on then Mr Smoke I dare you! :eek:

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Its only a few hours yes but we all started with those just few hours. You will be suprised how those hours quickly turn into days. Don't think too far into the future, just think about the day your in. Tomorrow will just another day like today and you can handle it when it comes.

Stay positve and good luck.

Keep posting we are all behind you.



excellent decision

we all had to start somewhere and i always felt to scared to quit but here i am over a year later take it from me if i can do it it will be a breeze for you

stay strong and keep posting and keep reading education is the key



As Aitch has pointed out, we all started somewhere. I really hope you do this. A baby is a brilliant reason to stop. We all know now about second hand smoke etc!You will get loads of support on here from very clued up people who can very eloquently give motivation.(I am not one of them) Get the weekend out of the way and onwards and upwards.GOOD LUCK!:)


Well I made it through the weekend. On Saturday I was on my own was probably hardest time. I spent much of the day looking around the house for any old fag packets that 'might' have contained the odd fag. No joy - but then I didn't actually buy any either. One small but significant victory!

Sunday was fine and relied on Nicorette mouth spray. I find this an excellent support.

I've now gone over 48 hours without smoking which is the longest I've ever managed for over 20 years. Although in truth this is the first time I've ever actually tried giving up.

It's definately a 'head' thing. I couldn't do this until in my head I was ready. The last few years/months I was finding myself getting slightly depressed everytime I bought fags and finally it clicked that I really needed to just do it.

I can't say it's not been hard, because it HAS been hard and still is. Continually thinking about it, talking about it and I definately feel something in my life is missing. But I'm hoping that 'missing' feeling will gradually go. I keep thinking about all those people around me who never smoke and try to put myself there because before I smoked I was one of those people! Allowing smoking to take over to life to such a degree means it's always going to be hard and it's easy to foroget the times before you started.

I still feel totally confident about this though because I'm giving myself the one shot - and failure (for me) is not an option.

I guess also that everyone is different and people smoke for different reasons in the same way they give up for different reasons. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes but I now need another spray! :D


Well done on getting started!

The first few days are definitely the hardest, but if you are determined to quit then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't make it. Also, having another child is definitely a GREAT reason to stop! Imagine how much cleaner you will feel.

Good luck!



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