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No Smoking Day
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Back into the Penthouse

Hi Folks , here I am again after my last failed attempt resulted in my eviction from the Big Brother Penthouse. Hopefully this time I won't take my penthouse status / quit for granted and will remain more resolute in my healthier future . I see Jamangie is still hogging the hot tub ( nothing new there then ) . ..... feels like I have never been away :D

Regards to all my fellow quitters regardless of how long they have been smoke free - every day is another victory to each and every one of us :)

Best Wishes , Trev

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Welcome back Trev,

I am also one of those that stop en start, first joined 2007.

Anyway no point in looking back, this time hear to stay.

Joan x


Well done Trev, I'm off to the bar, what can I get you?


Thank you Joan , Una , Mah and Karri .I appreciate your support . It feels good to be smoke free for a whole year again and it seemed to fly by after the first few months . Just shows that we can all do this when we put our minds to it .:cool:

Regards and best wishes to you all .

Trev x


Brilliant Trev. Well done on your twelve months completed once more. Took some determination there. David (And Chrissie V)


Thank you David , ....practise makes perfect I guess lol. Glad to see that you are on the mend ....well done you :). Love to Chrissie . thanx again !

Best wishes and kind regards .



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