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I love the way the house smells. It's day 8, and my heart rate has dropped drastically.... having problems with bloatedness and gas, really not fun. I look like I gained 7 lbs around my middle. Looked it up, and apparently, this is common. Nicotine is a "digestive aid" and when we stop , it puts our digestive tract in a spin. Also, sugarless anything, causes more gas issues. Sooooo, less sugarfree, and continue drinking lots of water etc etc.. Wish my husband would quit..... he's not even thinking about it.

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  • Hi clean living,

    Well done with your quit. was just the same with the gas and feeling really bloated, it's only just going back to normal.

    I think it is quite common when quitting, along with a few other things.

    Keep up the good work hun.

    Joan xx

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