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No Smoking Day
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Lost count of days! Buzzing with energy

OMG - I think I've turned into one of those health nuts I hated before. Realised it had been ages since I checked my quit counter and was pleased to see I'm on day 78!! Wow.

Still chewing on the gum, but less and less dependent on it.

After the hiccup with the drunken smoking and resulting massive hangover/shame :o I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since. Not in an AA alcoholic way, I'm not giving it up, just not having any for a while. A bit like the smoking - well I haven't had any yesterday, so I'll hold on for another day - and the days have kept spilling over - I'm on day 22 now of that.

My skin is great. I am so pumped full of energy that I actually started running again yesterday. How the HECK did that all happen as a result of kicking 1 little cigarette 3 months ago?!

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positive effect

I think it is great that you have changed other things in your life. You are now starting to take more care of yourself as a result of quitting smoking. This is a good thing and as long as you dont bend peoples ear about how healthy you are then there is no problem. Well done you!:D


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