No Smoking Day
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6 Weeks approaching!

Wow, time flies when u'r fighting a demon!

More good days now than bad. But when the bad hit they are ugly! Not craves at all, just signals from a " habit". I have days when I think I miss smoking, but manage to scrape thru the day without caving. Days like that make me wonder if and how bad I want to quit!

I don't miss the smell, sometimes like the smell, depends. Don't miss spending the money on them. Feel some what better, that's still a work in progress. Did get off one BP pill because BP lowered from no smoke intake.

A long six weeks, but yet has gone surprisingly fast ... Not out of nicodemon land by far but riding the waves easier than before. The knot that hits my belly happens less and less.

So as I write this I'm thinking a smoke sounds good! RATS!

Hope everyone is okay, have not seen or heard from many April buddies!


Quit 4/9/12

Chantix - one more month then off I go on my own!

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what a good post, i like what u say about an old habit making signals. im 7 mths quit and i get the odd wave from the old habit, but it evaporates quite fast cos i dont lock on, Its always good to see evidence of improvements like your blood pressure, that way u know your going in the right direction,

Keep riding those waves, the tide of smoking will soon go out , never to return.

Mash x


Well done to you Day2day. I am 15 weeks quit on Monday and I still get craves. Manageable, but there all the same. I also am waiting for some sort of reward for quitting and there isnt one. However I am still very happy with my decision as I am sure you are too. That is really good news about your BP tablets. These are the reasons we stop after all. We want to improve our health or at least not damage it further and that is what is driving me on. I have felt like there is something missing from time to time and like you just rode the day out. All in all it is just part of the quitting process and I suppose my reward is more money in my pocket and healthier lungs, not a bad return!:)


Hi Cathy glad to see you're still here right behind me. Have had a funny few days but keep reminding my self of my reasons for quitting.

Good job you're doing great:)


Hi Cathy, your just 3 days behind me I quit 4th April.

You are doing great, just shows when in such a short time you have been able to ditch one lot of pills so well done hun.

Love Joan x


Hey there Hazey, there are rewards for not smoking but its important to rember to give them to yourself..... at least once a week ..... use the money your saving to really treat yourself...... have something to show for it....its important, no its essential..

mash x:cool:



Thanks Mash, I will. I think I have just been unlucky in that since I have stopped my car has needed a new exhaust and I had to buy a new washer so I havent felt as though I have had much spare cash.


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