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Craving back again

Well think I am doing ok...I am now on the 15 mg 16 hour patch going from the top whack down, last stage starts tomorrow going down to the 10 mg 16 hour for 2weeks then off everything.

I do have a 2mg gum as backup...

this evening has been a funny one!!!

def the cravings are back, I got that funny metal taste in my mouth, really don't want to smoke. Also that feeling of needing to breath heavily in and out almost anxiously, wish this was all over. Any one else get the breathing thing?

I really don't want to smoke but god I need to sometimes remind myself why I am doing this...The coughing, the money, the fact my dad died of Lung Cancer!!!

good enough reasons I guess.

Well it is not an easy ride...need to get back to the gym too, I am so fat!!!

Help!!! lol well that's my rant over

That's better moan over :-))))

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It's going to be tough changing down until you get used to the new patches. Maybe top up with half a tab of gum if you're struggling? By not smoking but still administering nicotine, you're breaking your "mental" triggers - which is why you're struggling maybe.

Your symptoms aren't withdrawal - they are just in your mind! Every crave you beat is one step nearer not smoking being the norm. Why unlearn what you've been teaching yourself for the last two months?!

Hope this helps and it's not too late! :)


I was on 15mg patches for the first 2 weeks but had to stop using them due to allergic reaction. I was really scared and afraid I would fail without them, but you know what I've been fine and I'm sure you will be too.

I just use the odd mini now, getting less and less.

Good job keep strong x:)


your right

I think it might be a mind thing...getting used to not grabbing a fag.

I don't have that feeling any more at all, but still having the problem of giving up nicotine forever.

It strange, but what a journey.

Still waiting for the day where there will only be a glance to the past.

Well fellow giver uppers well done, one day at a time lol....

We are doing it...that's amazing really :-)


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