Support Required.. apply within :-)

Hi there. My name is Gail, I am 39 (fastly approaching the big 4 0!!) and desperate to quit smoking. This is my 5th time trying to quit (2 x patches, 3 x champix) and 2nd time on this forum. I am on day 9 today of quitting after taking Champix. Feel really positive and no nasty side effects from the tablets. Would love to speak to others who have a quit date around the same time as me :-) Thank you

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  • Well done you have only got to stay positive and you will get there. I am always impressed with people like you who never give up trying. Well done so far and keep it up your doing great

  • Thanx Aitch. This is my final quit, Im sure of it but a bit apprehensive. Will keep on keeping on x

  • Hi laurali...loving the name i get called that :D

    Im on month 3 now, and i wont say its been smooth ride but i just take each day as it comes and just remind myself why i quit

    Goodluck x

  • Thanks for the support PLL86, its my daughters nickname, thats why I chose it :). Well done on your 3 month quit. Cant wait to get to that milestone. I am sure this is my last time and I will succeed, but think I would benefit from some support, just like yours. Thank you for taking the time to write back x

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