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Day 9

Hi Everyone

Cant believe i have reached day 9 why did i wait so long to do this??? I have got to admit am finding this alot easier than i thought it would be if i start thinking i would like a cig i just distract myself at the moment usually with food but i am conscious of that but for just now will leave it and tackle it at some point.

Im waiting for the cravings to hit me not getting totally complacent as i can see from other threads this can be where you fail if your not prepared so fingers crossed

Onwards and upwards


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Well done Myja, nine days is brilliant! Glad you're not finding it too difficult.

Don't worry about the eating - whatever you need to do at the moment to not smoke, just do it!



Extra Poundage

Thanks Helen trying not to focus on the weight gain as am already overweight and that was while i was smoking so extra paranoid about adding on more but got sick of using that as an excuse not to stop.

I have been walking to work and back twice a week for about 7 weeks and have now picked up an extra day knowing that i wont lose weight but hopefully wont put any on either.




Well done, keep going!

I am on day 12 and really pleased. The first week was pretty depressing going but now it feels a whole lot easier! :) I hope it will continue to be relatively painless from here on in.


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