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New/approaching day 14!

Hi All, new here to being a ex-smoker and hitting day 14 tomorrow. After 40+ yrs decided enough was enough. Using Chantix, no problems there so far and think it's actually helped. Cravings during the day come and go, usually last a few minutes, just keep busy thru them.

The biggest issues I've had are evenings - can be total "h"- my brain goes into over drive on thinking it needs to smoke. Food is becoming an issue in evenings and my pants are threatening to no longer fit! Getting distressed over that!

Second issue - still so darn tired - is this normal? Something that will taper off eventually? Sure hope so, not getting much done.

Went thru some early foggy, sore throat stuff, but otherwise feel good, confident I can beat this, but still keeping a "day 2 day attitude" found this site hoping to connect with others that understand the pitfalls and trials of beating the addiction!

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These all sound like classic quit symptoms - especially the tiredness thing. I think this is associated with your brain chemistry changing backto "normal"...

I have had this too - although it's difficult to judge when you also have two kids under 5! In addition I've had very bad gum pain too. This is again down to the body starting to repair itself after the smoking. All these side effects are. It's all perfectly normal and shows your quit is starting to have benefits. Think of them as signs of success not as problems and you'll be good!


Congratulations. Great achievement! Best of luck with your continued recovery.

My Mum quit her 40 year 40 a day habit on Chantix - nearly 4 years quit now! You can do it!


Well done

Well done on getting to day 14. The symptoms you describe are classic quit symptoms. You will get loads of support on here with your quit. This forum is brill!:)


Day 14

Thanks for the welcome!

Day 14 arrived in 10 minutes ago. Quit date was 4/9/12 at 8pm....

Pretty happy with myself at the moment. I've tried to quit many times, but never had the outlook and frame of mind that I do this time. Nor any type of support system.

I keep telling myself to be patient w/ this feeling tired and other symptoms that I've been jumping through on these stages. I know that in a few weeks I will feel so much better.

Did have a rocky start to the day. Went to bed last night w/a headache and just general feeling of blahhhh's. Got up this AM, tired, grouchy, headache, and in a I want to go back to bed mood! Felt crummy, threw a fit over the # of pills I'm taking, only took the ones I wanted to take...... Tantrum time..... Well long story short by end of day still in a so, so mood - Nurse daughter says, let me check your BP - she does, way low and says well no wonder you feel crappy. Call your doc in AM, since you've quit smoking he may want to adjust your BP meds or eliminate all together.

Now wouldn't that be nice? I'd love it! Another possible positive to add to the PRO side? I know some quit cold turkey, I've tried that and failed too many times. Tried Wellbrutin once, we didn't get along. Had to quit it and started back up again. Hopefully the Chantix will work - I've heard pros and cons - but know 5 ladies right now that all swear by it and are happy they tried that route as well. So worth a shot.

Thanks for letting me ramble my way thru my nightly rough spot.... Just doing day2day! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Hope you are feeling good today. It is a strange one. Some days are good and others are challenging. You may find you dont need medication for high blood pressure now you have quit. As your daughter said go and see your doctor. Definitely worth the effort to quit you have done really well. Keep on posting and getting the support from here and it will make it all a lot easier.:)


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