No Smoking Day
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Day 7

As of 10pm tonight will have been 7 days since i last had a cigarette :D

I was out all day with the kids at Kirkcaldy Links (shows and amusements) passed plenty of people smoking had a few twinges but nothing i couldnt deal with. The biggest eye opener i had a great day without smoking. My other half sneaked away for a couple but he has decided to give up this week and without me nagging RESULT!!

All seems to be going great although through reading previous posts am very much aware the hammer will fall at some point bring it on :cool:


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Well done and you are past the hell week now :D


A week without smoking is brilliant and resisting all those temptations too. get you.:)



well done you!

day out is a big deal with other half smoking!

I gave up once 5 years, got drunk and smoked for last five years, really hope we both make it forever this time.



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