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No Smoking Day
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Day 6

Hello to the 6th day still going strong still focusing on the positive side to being a non smoker its unbelievable how much of your life smoking can take up still not sleeping well but am sure this will pass.

Been reading through previous posts on this forum gotta say thanks ppl it really helps to know your not alone

And would you believe that someone upstairs is definately happy ive stopped smoking played bingo last night for this first time in years won 300 quid :D:D:D

Lol reached for ma fags when id won without thinking about it :p

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Almost the first week over and a bonus of £300 plus money you saved on fags.

Can't be bad. Keep it up


Quiting smoking is defanately good for the karma lol congradulations!! keep up the hard work its gets easier every day doesnt it (i hope it will stop rather than get easier though :p ) xxx


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