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Quitting again

I had quit smoking for 103 days. Last weekend I was with one of my friends and thought that I was far enough in my quit that I could have just one for old times sake. Then I had another a few days later, and now I just bought a pack of cigarettes again. I feel like such a failure. I want to smoke so badly again. I don't know if i can start back at day one. I can't go through this all again. How do I start over???? I just want go give up. Any advice from someone who has gone through something similar?

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I think that most of the posters on here have done the same thing.

We think we can just have one cig now and again and it won't matter, we can control it . But no we can't no more than a alcoholic can just have one drink.

it's really up to you whether you carry on your quit from now, or go back to day one. To me it makes no difference just as long as you don't smoke .

All the best on your quit hun whatever you decide.

Joanie XXXX


Go straight back to your quit is my advice, one packet of cigs will lead to another and then you'll be back to planning your quit one day in the future.

You can do it, get back on the wagon and keep positive :)



1 day 103 days 1003 days what does it really matter. Just ditch the fags and carry on with your quit. You've done 103 days once and you can do it again and what better time than now. You have also had a useful learning experience, you now also know that there is no such thing as just one

good luck


I put my hands up to the 'just one' thought too :( It never works for any of us, and it is a harsh learning experience, but maybe a helpful one if it convinces us that we can never smoke again.

Like Sara said, get back on your quit straight away. After 103 days, not smoking is now normal for you, so if you quit again a.s.a.p. you won't get the same nicotine withdrawals that you had on your first quit. And you won't lose the physical benefits you have gained from not smoking either.

And don't forget to congratulate yourself for doing those 103 days cos that is awesome :D

Take care,

Zoe x


Hi Orrb,

You posted this morning at 4 am so I expect by now you have gone one way or the other.

If perchance you are still spared from becoming re-addicted read on ...

You have the power .. don't put it in the hands of chance driven by an addiction to tobacco .. which you have shown btw that you are stronger than.

Get a grip! Chuck the fags - you can't afford to mess around.

That's my opinion .. been there etc and one day all of us will learn for good .. hopefully before it's too late and the wrinkles are deep on your skin or worse you lose a foot, a leg or you life. Why go round in circles going over again and again why you hate being a smoker so much? Just get on with it.

Sorry if this sounds harsh .. but I tell this to myself every time I feel a moment of weakness.


@orbb you DON'T want to be smoker, if you did, you wouldn't have quit in the first place! I think Mr Nicodemon is messing with your brain. Chuck the cigs and get back on the wagon matey, you can do it, you've already proved that.


If you click on my name, you can see my first thread that I started on this site. It was almost identical to yours! But I really got some great advice, so it's worth a read. :)

I can really sympathise with how you are feeling right now. But here I am now, into month three and more confident and happy about quitting than ever!

This can be done. Use this site for support and advice, and you can do it too. Good luck.



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