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Hi new here and a little bit about me

Hi ,

Today has been my first 24 ( well over 24 hours now) hours smoke free in 10 years to put that into perspective I am 24 this year so the math speaks for its self :eek: . I don't smoke in my house ,car and I find its really easy to stay away from smoking in cinemas etc and I hate the smell of smoke yet somehow I have a 10-15 a day habit. Today has been fine so far just used 2 of the 1mg lozenge's fingers crossed for the rest of my life :) I went to fag ends this morning and got the mini lozengers but for some reason my mouth and throat felt numb with them ?? is this normal. I am going to sick with the Nicorette brand instead of the NiQuitin

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Hi welcome to the forum and well done with your will find lots of help and advice on here has been a godsend to me...xx



A good time to quit while you are still young. Stick at it, it will be worth it in the end.

I suspect it is not unusual to have a numb mouth with lozengers. If they continue causing you a problem it may be you need to consider something different to help you.

I suggest you have a look round the forum. someone will have had experience of numbness


Thank you so much, Still have not needed anything so hopefully that is a good sign. I am not putting my eggs into one basket just yet though :) I have been using the Lozenges all week to cut down no problem but when I changed brand today that's when I got this numb sensation in my mouth and throat that ended up in a panic attack.


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