No Smoking Day
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Ok i have come to let you all know how smug i was lol

I had to have a fasting blood test this morning and i didnt eat yesterday because i wasnt hungry so during the night my belly kept waking me up growling....Anyway i decided at 4am that i would have a Mc Donalds breakfast as its very rare im up and about in time to have one lol

So 9:05 blood is given and i head back to my car, drive to Mc Donalds order my breakfast and theres a guy who came in behind me he goes to the workers "oh im on day 2 of not smoking" im my little head and in a smug way i said "So im on day 50 none smoking"

I Also "tasted" a cig yesterday...Well i say tasted my mom still smokes annd while out shopping she blew smoke not realising i was in that direction so smoke went in my mouth....Vile im not sure how i "enjoyed" smoking all them years

Have good weekend all...And to all the english happy St georges day for monday

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Hey PLL,

Bet you were an inspiration to the 2 day guy :D

Hope you enjoyed the McDonalds too :p

So well done,

Zoe xxxx


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