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Day 8

This is my first post of my quit.

I have attempted to quit before using NRT and only lasted a matter of weeks.

This time I am cold turkey. Just sugar free gum and sweeties, no nicotine for a whole week.

I have numerous tattoos, so I decided to have a bird on my wrist as a reminder of my freedom from tobacco. It is still at the hurty stage so is a useful reminder tool at the moment. ;)

Great to read all the threads on here.

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Well done on your quit, I to have always used patches before and have failed more times that I care to remember.

This time I am cold turkey, so far I have been great.

So stay with it, lots of support on here, just keep posting any problems with your quit etc. There will always be someone to give you support.

Joanie x


Thanks for the reply Joanie :) Much appreciated.


Well done you're doing really well so far. I've also stopped loads of times using NRT and this is my first attempt at cold turkey. I've found it far easier than NRT and it is a simple case of just not having a smoke. 8 weeks tomorrow and still going strong.

Now you've completed the hardest first week just keep telling yourself you don't want to go through all that again next time you want a smoke. Good luck!!!


Thanks. :)

I am feeling far more confident about the whole experience this time.

Reading Allen Carr too, thought I may as well.

Taking supplements and lots of sleep to maximise the benefits too. I do still miss it occasionally but no proper craves today :D


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