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Just so you all know im still here, smoke free and on day 47 :D I am now about to start with the weight, i won 6 months membership for tesco diets, and shall be using a gym 5 days a week :eek: excited and nervous all together...first appointment with gym is friday 6pm(I think).

I have to book myself in aswel to see my GP as im fed up of the 4 coldsores i have had in 3 weeks smoking nurse said to get bloods checked ect, im now completed my 8 week smoking clinic so will be going to GP onwards on step 3 tho took it off about 3pm today so will see how i go.

hope all is well and lets hope this energy doesnt hide on friday :D

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Whoop whoop, how well are you doing:D. Really pleased for you, and to think you will be half the person you are today in about two weeks, gym, gym and more gym lol :eek:


lol sho...i need to stop eating aswel...since quitin smoking i been having dreadful cravings for random foods(At the moment its lamb burger from burgerking), i wake up hungry and i got bed hungry :o:(


I feel your pain.....I'm the same, chocolate, chocolate and uuummmm chocolate. I should have shares in Cadburys lol



I'd love to have a gym nearby...ENJOY!!!!


Go for it!!!:D.

I used to really enjoy the gym especially the body pump class..cant go now because of my hip, so have piled the weight on and with stopping smoking put about 2 stone on :eek:...It does make a great difference..

Hope you get those cold sores sorted I hate the bloody



I'm a poet and didn't know it lol

Seriously though, well done and if you can kick the weed the battle with the bulge will be childsplay.

Good luck at the Gym, just think, your chest won't be nearly as bad and you'll be able to do sooo much more... ENJOY! :D:D:D


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