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Holiday Tips Sought

Posting this in here because when I go away on saturday I will be in my second month!

So .. I don't want to blow it.

Going to the country, nice and relaxing with my OH and the dogs, not a teenager in sight .. what could be less stressful?

Well, this is a favourite holiday destination for me and my OH and usually spent chilling, having the occassional glass (or two) of wine and smoking. I have managed to bust 2 previous quit attemps here and have instructed the property owner to hide her stash of tobacco (better than she did the last time!).

One time we went away my OH and I actually mangaed to go for 4 days not speaking.

So potentially our holiday in the midst of tranquility is fraught with danger and I'm getting nervous even thinking about it and now have to go out and do some power dog-walking. The good thing is the nearest shop is 8 miles away. The other good thing is that the world wide web has come to the area so I may be able to log in here to take my mind off things :)

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Seven months into my quit in 2008 I took a cycle tour. It's what I do :) Anyway, seven months saw me as quite comfortable with myself in the quitting process. Got to my chosen wildcamp site and pitched up, cooked my tea and kicked back with a 1/2 bottle of Low Flyer (Grouse whisky)...into the worst crave I'd had since the beginning of my quit :(

Similar to your experience there were no shops handy so I just pushed through knowing that the crave would only last a couple of minutes.

I know that reads so simply and straightforward of another's experience but tbh what is required is that determination that you do want to stop smoking and you have had experience of riding through the craves already. This is no different and if you set your mind with that determination you shall deal with the issue as it arises. It then continues to bed in the new mindset that you no longer smoke and therefore have no requirement to. You can get your holiday treats without poisoning yourself.

My experience was that I had that one actue crave and then no more for the rest of my hols. Hope that will be the same for you.

Hope you have a great holiday :)


I'd say just don't build it up to be the mother of all trigger points.

You've got through lots of trigger points so far which could include the first one in the morning, the one on the way to work, the one with morning coffee, the one after a meal, the one with a drink etc, etc.

This is just another in a long line of trigger points, and you've already successfully negotiated lots of them.

Just treat it as mundane. Expect a crave as you haven't come across this situation since you quit, beat it like you havre beaten all the others so far, and then move on with another trigger point done and dusted.

Job done! :D


^ What Capitan said. :D


What are holidays anyway???? Haven't had one of those since I was about 18 :(

If I could get one I think I would be too excited to smoke. A change of scene would do me good right now. But each unto their own.

Enjoy is what I say :D

Zoe xxxx

P.S. Can I carry your cases???? Puleaazze ;)


Thanks Cav, Don't know why I should get nervous about something that might never even happen but thought if I set my mind in order now, I might cut any unforseen craves off at the pass.

I'll take the Easyway with me to while away the hours .. courtesy of the Capitan :) And DGee .. will be thinking of you in your mountain retreat .. tied to the bedposts .. that should take my mind off things for a while. :p

Zoe , I would love to bring along a wild virago to keep me company and stir up the countryside a bit he he .. not sure what the oH would think though!


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