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Day five on cold turkey

Hi all,

Well I have got to day five, I can't believe I have managed to do it cold turkey.

I know it is very early days yet,I do feel a little bit spaced out and more tired than usual but I don.t think I feel as edgy as when I used other quit methods. And believe me over the years I have tried nearly all of them.

So onward and upward.

Joanie X

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well done Joan, keep up the good work. Enjoy the spaced out feeling, it will go soon:eek:


So pleased for you Joan, you will feel strange for a while I know I did, but you are doing really well just say to yourself Iam not smoking today take it one day at a time and before you know it, it will be a week a month and so on.

All the best! x:)


Well done Joanie! Really glad to see you back on the wagon.

CT isn't as bad as you fear, is it? I believe it's easier in the long run. You've got a week or so of clearing your system of nicotene, and then you're free and clear to work through ridding yourself of the psychological habit, without a continuing injection of nicotene to cloud the issue.

(Having said that I do believe that everyone has to do what is best for them, I'm NOT preaching!)

Keep going, you are doing so well, you should be truly proud of yourself.

H x


Oh thank's guys, I do feel proud of myself, the feeling I have is if I have been given a mild sedative and I feel quite positive.

I am putting the money away that I would have spent on the cigs so that is a good intensive if ever there was one.

Joanie X


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