week 2

Hi :)

Well i'm still here and smoke free...i would love to say the addiction has left me alone but it hasn't :)

Had a few cravings..some stronger than others but they don't last very long. i try to just ignore them and they are gone in a few seconds although they feel pretty intense while they are around.

Also i haven't had any zyban for a few days..i felt a bit queasy with it and i really don't want to rely on a tablet any more than i have too so gonna see how it goes...i really don't want to smoke and i think the desire for that is strong enough to keep me safe.

That and this forum and you lovely people that is! :)


2 Replies

  • I think the addiction gives up on us eventually, as long as we dont feed it with a smoke or thoughts that smoking aint that bad, or just one,or my life is so hard i may as well smoke, i can always quit again. its always the addict that wants a smoke not the person thats quit. keeep remembering Y youve quit and dont let anything talk you out of it or reduce its importance.your in charge now ,its no longer the inner addict, he/she is being retired, bless and let go, but dont give them an inch or they'll be back.


  • What Mash said is true. The cravings WILL get weaker and weaker. And technically, it's not physical but your mind playing tricks on you. Although, I remember at times those mind tricks felt pretty strong.

    And also, NEVER another puff, or you WILL be starting all over again.

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