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back again :)

Well, I managed about 5 months smoke free before I relapsed. Usual thing, starting having the odd one and now back to 10 a day :rolleyes:

I took Champix for a bit and was fine (I was one of the lucky ones that don't have any nasty side effects) but struggle once I came off it (mainly because I feel depressed and just not myself). I'm taking Tabex this time - this is my first day and I stop on day 5. It sounds similar to Champix the way it works but I can't find much first hand experience on it so if anyone has taken it I'd welcome hearing for them.

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Maybe next time it might be wise to say no to each of those odd ones, after all your only saying no to such a little thing. 5 mths that was good going spoiled by the odd one. see it as a learning experience. for me there can never be the odd one those times are long gone for which im grateful for.

I wish u all the best in your quiiting



Welcome back Jo :),

As you know I relapsed too but I'm now back into Day 19 so there is hope for me yet :D. Like mash says, just see it as a learning experience, and remember there is no such thing as 'just one'. I don't know much about Tabex, it has been mentioned on this forum before, but nobody really came back to say how it went. Good luck with it anyway. If you can do 5 months once, you can do it for good this time.

Take care,

Zoe xx


Thanks guys. Zoe, great to see you on here not smoking. 19 days is a great quit :D. Hope I will follow your example. Are you taking champix? (sorry I'm a bit out of touch with the forum).

I don't know what to expect with Tabex but I don't think they'd give me another course of champix and if they did not sure that work would give me the time off again to go to the meetings you have to attend for the prescription :rolleyes:

At the moment feeling very slightly sick and cigs tasting a bit weird. I might keep a blog in case anyone else interested in trying them although of course a lot is down to mindset in the end!


You must be livid with yourself at the moment.

At least you have jumped back onto the wagon quickly. Good luck. :)


Welcome back Jo, glad to see you're quitting again.

So many people have gone down the 'just one crafty one' road and ended up back at square one. Not all have the courage to try again so quickly, so big up yourself.

It serves us all well to remember that the one little cigarette that is so tempting comes with another few thousand attached. We don't want to go there. NOPE!

Happy quitting xxx


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