No Smoking Day
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this should scare any smoker into giving up

just a quick hello to let you know im still quit, although wonder if its all worth it as not only have i been diagnosed with G.E.R.D but have just been told i also have a bleed behind my eye which is really dangerous and only found in 70+ yr olds who are heavy smokers!!! im a non smoker in her 6th month and im only 38 hurrumph! dont worry i shant smoke again as i know these illnesses are due to smoking, lets just hope i reap some benefits soon.

how scary is it to think that all this has been camoflaged by smoking what on earth would've happened if i had carried on smoking!

weighing up the pro's and con's for me at the moment is a waste of time however i smell pretty, ive saved £1010 and most importantly im not doing even more damage to my health.

never quit quitting

jenni x

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Thanks Jenni, it was really good to read a post with such a positive view on things! posts like this really inspire me and make me realise that this is definitely worth all the trouble!



oh my days!!! i hope you will be ok

and thanks for the warning!!!!


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