No Smoking Day
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Day 11 - all going well!

Just wondering if any of the Kwitta Kwit Krew are still out there surviving from there last puff ever on 14/03/11!

I'm amazed that I've got here but by sheer determination I think I've got this beast in hand finally!

Found days 1,2,7,8 really tough but the rest have been good - I seem to have so much more energy all of a sudden and I've also started exercising every couple of days - only power walking but it's a start. Because when I've beaten this demon I'm then going to start on a weight loss programme as this year is the year I'm determined to look good and feel good.

My daughter is so delighted that I've stopped too. So proud of myself for getting this far ............ !!

Newbies keep going it really does get better and easier!

Ciao for now folks!

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Well done so far on your quit. It sounds like pretty much all positives!!

The exercise thing is also a good idea.

Good luck with your quit



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