No Smoking Day
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And the penthouse is a step closer!

Hello everyone,

Today marks 90 days for me, so moving on up into month 4! All going well, so much going on I do not have time to think about smoking!

We are in the process of packing up our house, as the new owners take possession at the end of April. Shockingly, we still have nowhere to move! Sure we will figure out something, but every house we like ends up having problems. Still, we are packing all the non-essentials and moving them into a storage shed so if necessary we can rent for a little bit!

College is going well - start clinicals at the hospital site this week, so nervous and excited.

Have an appointment with the spinal spe******t on Tuesday about all my arm issues so fingers crossed we get some resolution there. It is very frustrating with all the packing as I am so limited in what I can achieve :(

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say keep up the good work everyone, it does get easier. Month 3 was not exactly easy, mainly because you lose that excitement of the quit, it becomes mundane and you have to make a bit more effort to remember WHY you are quitting. Onwards and upwards :D

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Genes, I am right behind you and will be on month 4 in just a few month days.....ppat



your doing so well :)

try not to over do it too much i know what its like to be restricted in what you can do and how fustrating it can be :mad:

sending you virtual hugs


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