No Smoking Day
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A little iambic pentameter... (I think)

Here I am on the day called Five,

I'm feeling good and so alive.

I never thought I'd get this far,

Without some nicotine and tar.

And yet, with a bit of determination,

I've bid adieu to the Smoking Nation.

It's not that I'll miss it, of course I will,

But living smoke free is a greater thrill.

It's odd, this habit that we drop,

This smoking thing that we want to stop,

To succeed all one actually has to do,

Is nothing! Hard to believe, but true.

We don't have to exercise or hit the gym,

We don't have to "have that talk" with her or him.

We don't have to create lists of "to do's"

We don't have to change our political views.

We don't have to add this or that,

We don't have to do crunches on an exercise mat.

We don't have to take vitamin pills,

We don't have to consolidate our bills.

All we have to do is simple (I didn't say easy),

We "do" nothing to stop smoking, even if we're queasy.

It's not about what we have to begin to do,

It's about what we don't do that pulls us through.

Sometimes when a craving hits,

I find myself at my computer having fits,

This time I decided to make a rhyme,

I'll do something else another time.

My views are my own and you don't have to agree,

In fact a little contrary opinion is what keeps us free.

I do think it's cool that each couplet has rhymed

Except this one. :D

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That's a fab poem!! See what we can create when we step away from the 'beast' - !!! Good on ya !!


Dont smoke you'll choke

Carry on You'll croak

Not a joke

lying in state

finally extinguished

In your box of oak.


I love poems love yours

mine are just daft.


Well done DGee .. well thought out and well rhymed (except the last one :o) gave me a good laugh this morning x


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