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No Smoking Day
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Day 37 :))

Well hi all, glad to have got to my 5th week, been tidying up the garden this morning put my tiered greenhouse back out and this time ive tied it to the fence as it blew over the other week and all my aster seeds got thrown around was not a happy bunnie. Ive put some chive seeds in. Ive also grown Sweetpeas indoors climbers and patio tub ones but reckon il have to wait for the weather to get a tad warmer before putting them out. I grow a majority of plants from seed and will be growing runner beans this year. And your thinking whats thiis got to do with quitting. Keeping busy thats what keep them hands busy. No time to dwindle. Not one fag has been lit because i dont need them anymore thing of the past. Good luck all new quitters and everyone else who is at day 37 and beyond. Jacqui. Quit date: 10.2.12. Member of fab febbers 2012

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Good going making it this far! Better to have green thumbs than yellow fingers!



Cracking result Fleetwood, just one thing.

Unless my maths capabilities have deserted me, Day 37 puts you firmly in Week 6 and Week 5 was done and dusted 2 days ago. :D


Aww...well done Jacqui.

I've just been out and bought a load of compost. Will be planting lettuce, chive, (2 varieties), radish and spring onion seeds tomorrow...keeping them indorrs until the warmer weather comes. RUnner beans will be started sooon. I love spring.....like you say it keeps you busy and you can start to go outdoors again without freezing your butt off. Speaking of butts....way to go on staying quit and keeping away from the cigarette butts. Congrats.

Lisa x


:) Thanks Viking your quite right with the green gingers and not yellowlol. And thanks Captain your quite right about the weeks, see what I mean sooooo busy I had forgotten what week i was in.

And thank you Lisa, sounds like your on the right track with gardening, its great isnt it us greengfingered pair.

All the best you lot with your quits too.



Member of the Fab Febbers 2012.


OOps sorry fingers and not yellow. lol:D


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