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Day 9 - and bloody well done me!

Hi everyone,

I'm feeling pretty chirpy today for some wierd reason. Maybe that is to do with reaching day 9 of no smoking. This is the longest i have gone without smoking and i am proud of myself. I had a very tough day 7 which i nearly faulted but managed to talk myself out of it. So again well done me. Don't mean to sound so smug, but we are achieving so much! i think we all deserve a big pat on the back and well done to us and here's to us non-smokers! :D

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Well done, that is a great achievement and you should be proud. Have a great day:D


:D thats a great positive post to read and so you should feel smug :)

your doing so well

onwards and upwards


It's much better to be smug and a non smoker than a mug and a smoker (see what I did there? :D)

The only thing you don't want to become is complacent.

Every day you remain a non smoker from now on will set yourself a new record - well done you! :D


Bloody well done indeed! You have every reason to be pleased with yourself, because you have come through the toughest bit of your quit! :D

According to my Quitkeeper, I have chalked up 236 days now, but that sense of celebration that you are experiencing is long gone, because not smoking is normal for me now. Getting through those first few weeks, though, was a daily cause for amazement. :D

Keep going - you are doing really well.


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