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No Smoking Day
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Day 18

Well I almost gave in last night. I had terrible toothache and was pacing the floor. Normally if I have toothache, I smoke like a chimney and I have to admit that if the OH had his ciggies about, I think I would have took one. I shut the bedroom door and walked up and down for what seemed like hours and all I thought about was that if I have one it will relieve the pain:eek:. Anyway, I finally got some sleep, after lots of painkillers, and although it's still here this morning, I no longer want that ciggie:D. Dentist today me thinks :mad:

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You can't give in can you Shojam?

Hand me victory on a plate? :p

Keep thinking about your son, that's worth all the effort. :)

You're strong, you're tough and you can and will make it :D


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