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COPD=reason to quit

Hi this is my first post, only just found this site.

I'm on day 46, have saved £497.87p, havent smoked 1878.77 cigarettes.

I'm 46 and have been smoking since I was about 8 years old.

I have just had 3 months off work sick with a chest infection, second time in a year, and was told by the DRs that I probably had COPD. Went through about 6 courses of anti-biotics with no joy, finally started using Champix on the 24th jan and have finally got rid of the coughing. All the tests proved I didnt have COPD phew what a relief, but the first thing I wanted to do was go out and buy a packet to celebrate:eek:

Glad to say I didnt :) and altough I am still under going checks to find out why I cant breathe and why I keep getting prolonged chest infections, I am back at work and trying to encourage my children and friends to give up, although I havent become one of those EX-SMOKERS!

Well I'm picking up my final two week supply of champix tomorrow, and I can tell you I'm scared silly that its all the pills and not me and that I will collapse and smoke as soon as the effects of them wear off, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some of it is me and that I'm finally off the death sticks.

Any way enough of my ramblings I want to wish everyone good luck and congratulations for what you have done and are still doing.

We dont need them and we will win

Jo :D

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Wow, 46 days and 500 quid already!!! That's just amazing... I had to do the maths to believe it.

Well done you!



I'm with Alex, I got the calculator out!! That's really impressive. I hope your health clears up (I'm sure it will) now you've stopped smoking. And hey, keep this up and you will be loaded!

Don't worry too much about coming off the Champix. You really want this, and that's the main thing. One day at a time.

Helen x


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