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23 days dodgy cm machines and horror films

Been to see nursey for more patches and she also gave me inhalators that I use but not so much anyway, blew a 2 on the CM machine which I'm a bit p***ed about, because when I first went to see her the day after my quit date I blew a zero, then week after a one and now in my fourth week a two.

I think her machines banjaxed what do you lot think. Also watched paranormal activity 3 last night and frightened the bejesus out of meself. Feel good had to check what number day I am on which is surly a good sign, hope your all doing well.😃

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Hi there, you can never be a zero as the carbon monoxide we inhale through fumes from cars etc, you will always be a 1 or 2.

I have nearly reached my 4 th week and coping better than I expected, I am on middle strenghth patches and inhalator, good luck


Defo zero on the first test , unless as i say machine wrong :confused:


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