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6 Months - Done!


And what a way to get there.

Got up yesterday morning to find that my bike had been nicked, giving a massive inconvenience. The sort of thing that would previously get me to make excuses to myself to go and buy a packet of fags.

Not only did that not make me want to go and smoke, but I also forgot that it was 6 months until late last night when I was watching telly!

For some bizarre reason, this morning I have got one of those "cigarette tastes" at the back of my throat, that I had when I first quit. No idea why, but I'm sure it's not going to make me cave in after so long! Maybe it's because it's the first time I've actually thought about smoking for a few weeks.

So there we have it. 6 months without a single cigarette. Body in considerably better shape (my running limit WILL reach 29k tomorrow), and finances getting there (although I always seem to waste money on something!!)

For those at the start of the journey, you really need to stick it out. The cravings etc at the beginning ARE possible to overcome, and the rewards are well worth it!

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Welcome to the six month room!

Well done Barney - great job! Looking back, it can be hard to understand how much power we attributed to those little white sticks - if I have a problem these days, smoking is frankly the last thing on my mind. :rolleyes: It's only after everything is sorted that I remember I would have had a fag or three first before even trying to do anything else.

And I know what you mean about the money. According to my quit keeper, I have saved nearly £3,000. Not sure where I have hidden it, though. :o

Really pleased for you, anyway.


im loving how many of you are reaching 6 months:D

sorry to hear about your bike being nicked though:(

Well done Barney you are doing great, the next 6 months months will fly by. x

Well done Barney - Glad you are still going strong too.

Well done Barney thats an Excellent achievement. And sorry to hear your bike was knicked. But also well done for not caving in. Jacqui. Quit date: 10.2.12.

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